Ok, I've understood the point. So probably there's no way to use this popular 
TP-LINK dongle with FreeBSD. Very alas. Disappointed.

> On 26/08/2014 08:32, atar wrote:
>> Hi there!
>> According to what's written in the following URLs:
> > http://forums.freebsd.org/viewtopic.php?t=41581 ,
> > https://wiki.freebsd.org/dev/ath_hal(4)/HardwareSupport
> > (under the 'Chipsets I won't be working on' section) the
> > TL-WN722N TP-LINK wireless dongle isn't supported on freeBSD
> > since its chipset is based on the AR9271 chipset which isn't
> > supported by FreeBSD.
>> Now, my question is, since the above mentioned device is supported
> > by Linux via a special atheros firmware module, and since FreeBSD
> > provides a Linux virtualization, will this device work on a FreeBSD
> > system by its Linux virtualization capability?
> I'm not familiar with the Atheros firmware, but the likely answer is no. 
> Linux virtualization (probably better described as emulation) is at the user 
> space level, i.e. it mimics the interface of Linux syscalls. Device drivers 
> work in kernel space, and the FreeBSD kernel has very different internals 
> from Linux.
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