So you give me additional reason to stay with Linux and not to migrate to 
FreeBSD since even a basic wireless adapter which came with your Sony isn't 
supported by FreeBSD. To be honest, I don't know if your Sony wireless adapter 
is supported by Linux, but in general, I think linux is more flexible and 
supports more devices than FreeBSD (and more than all the rest of *BSD 

> I bought a TL-WN725N  and a TL-WN723N
> the model WN725N is better, and smaller 
> both from tplink
> and both works out of the box with FreeBSD 10 stable AMD64
> I use them on a sony that have a wireless chip not recognizeable by FreeBSD.
> the only "catch" is to load the driver at boot (loader.conf) and accept the 
> licence...
> if_urtwn_load=YES
> legal.realtek.license_ack=1
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