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Matthias Apitz <g...@unixarea.de> wrote:
> [...]
> I only encountered one problem while traveling through Italy in a
> hotel: They gave me a piece of paper saying "Password:
> "N@tur%Wieser"  and I could not construct a
> good /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf to connect correctly. I could figure
> out the SSID of the AP ("Naturhotel Wieserhof") and tried a lot of
> network={ ... } settings, nothing worked. Sometimes I could associate
> and got an IP addr from the AP, but only in places where the hotel
> said it should not work (im my room). In places where it should work
> (in the lobby) I could not even associate. I have a lot of
> wpa_supplicant debug if someone is willing to check for details. At
> the end I was frustated and gave up, more frustated due to the fact
> that all the other clients with their stupid smartphones did not have
> had any problem at all :-(
>       matthias

maybe the wpa_passphrase utility could help you to create the config.
In this particular case:

$ wpa_passphrase "Naturhotel Wieserhof" "N@tur%Wieser"
        ssid="Naturhotel Wieserhof"

,or you might want to try wpa_gui.



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