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> > I think what you are relating here is what I observed recently too.
> > Sorry, I'm new to FreeBSD. Just installed it recently, and I noticed
> > that after I left it idle (I went to do something for some hours) for
> > some time it lost the connection. Only rebooting makes it connect
> > again to my network.
> Which NIC are you seeing this on?


I do not know if this helps. I adquired some weeks ago a small USB
adapter which presents itself in HEAD as:

ugen4.4: <vendor 0x7392> at usbus4
urtwn0: <vendor 0x7392 product 0x7811, class 0/0, rev 2.00/2.00, addr 4> on 
urtwn0: MAC/BB RTL8188CUS, RF 6052 1T1R
wlan0: Ethernet address: 80:1f:02:ee:16:37

I have no problems at all at my home AP (doing WPA PSK). The 'dongle' is
very small, only 5-6mm are looking out of the laptop after you plug it
in. The 6 euro investment ended all my searches to get the laptop's
Broadcom BCM4312 working.

I only encountered one problem while traveling through Italy in a hotel:
They gave me a piece of paper saying "Password: "N@tur%Wieser"  and I
could not construct a good /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf to connect
correctly. I could figure out the SSID of the AP ("Naturhotel Wieserhof") 
and tried a lot of network={ ... } settings, nothing worked. Sometimes
I could associate and got an IP addr from the AP, but only in places
where the hotel said it should not work (im my room). In places where it
should work (in the lobby) I could not even associate. I have a lot of
wpa_supplicant debug if someone is willing to check for details. At the
end I was frustated and gave up, more frustated due to the fact that all
the other clients with their stupid smartphones did not have had any
problem at all :-(

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