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Author: adrian
Date: Sat Feb  7 23:11:39 UTC 2015
New revision: 278366

  Big wpi(4) overhaul! Not by me!

  This is a sync against iwn(4) and openbsd.

  - Add power management support;
  - Add background scanning support;
  - Fix few LORs;
  - Handle rfkill switch state changes properly;
  - Fix recovering after firmware failure;
  - Add more error checking;
  - Cleanup & disable by default debug output;
  - Update macroses names;
  - Other various fixes;
  - Add IBSS support:
    - don't set data_ntries field for management frames;
  - Add AHDEMO support:
      - fix padding;
  - Sync eeprom functions;
  - Use CMD_RXON_ASSOC where possible;
  - Enable HW CCMP encryption/decryption for pairwise keys;
  - Fix filter flags for CMD_RXON.

  Tested (by submitter) - iwn 3945 NIC.  I have one somewhere; I'll
  validate this later on and revert it if it's a problem.


  PR:        197143
  Submitted by:    Andriy Voskoboinyk <>


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