--- Comment #5 from Andriy Voskoboinyk <> ---
(In reply to Adrian Chadd from comment #4)
> It's in -HEAD now! Would you mind testing against that?

I've tested it - mostly all works fine. However, there are some common
1) Bug 197498.
2) IEEE80211_CHAN_NOADHOC attribute seems to be ignored in AHDEMO mode - is it
3) EFBIG errors in wpi_cmd2 (not sure if that can be fixed).
+ there is a small chance of kernel panic in wpi_intr()

> The bgscan support should be even more fun once I get the net80211 bgscan 
> support updates done. Are you interested in testing those out once I get them 
> ready and iwn updated?

Yes, I will test it.

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