--- Comment #9 from Andriy Voskoboinyk <> ---
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- Revert changes related to IEEE80211_F_DATAPAD (there is no padding in RX
- Copy correct addresses to node.macaddr / rxon.myaddr.
- Handle beaconing properly.
- Enable HOSTAP mode (experimental).
- Use HW AES-CCMP for all keys.
- (partially) Replace global mutex with per-structure locks.
- Remove races in wpi*intr functions.
- Acquire ifq lock while checking / modifying IFF_DRV_OACTIVE flag.
- Add WPI_DEBUG_NODE / WPI_DEBUG_REGISTER debug categories.
- Use internal functions for node table management.
- Move association from wpi_tx_data() to wpi_newassoc().
- Other minor fixes.

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