On Oct 23, 2015, at 5:21 AM, Huub Schuurmans <huub...@xs4all.nl> wrote:

> Op 22/10/15 om 20:19 schreef Jim Thompson:
>>> I may just start with a PC Engines apu1d, but if there are boards that are 
>>> smaller, cheaper, have lower power requirements and/or have integrated wifi 
>>> or switch capabilities I’d like to look in to them as well.
>> you can probably get APU in low-volume, but quantity is very constrained 
>> these days (it’s been true all year).
> APU meets all your specifications, we have never had a problem in
> getting these from PCEngines. Acoording to their website they have some
> 500 in stock now.

Yes, I’ll probably stick with an APU for now since I can get it with dual 
wireless cards and a 4GB SD card for just over $200 US.

I’d still like something smaller if possible, though. It looks like there are 
some MIPS wireless access points that could fit the bill if I revise my 
requirements (especially storage). I see there are freebsd-wifi-build scripts 
for the TP-Link TL-WDR3600, so it might be a good starting point. Has anyone 
tried a newer TP-Link like the WDR4300? Other suggestions? Thanks!

Revised requirements:
  - Capable of running FreeBSD
  - Dual band wifi with adapters supported by FreeBSD in HOSTAP mode 
(Qualcomm/Atheros good, Broadcom bad?)
  - 3+ GbE ports
  - 8+ MB of storage (if Adrian’s scripts can still do an image that small with 
some headroom), more is better
  - 64+ MB of RAM, more is better
  - 2 USB ports


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