Firstly - I've just merged in some fixes from dragonflybsd via the
maintainer there, Imre Vadasz. He's been pushing patches to me against
-HEAD to commit. Thanks!

I'd like those tested, so if you're using iwm please test them out and
let me know.

Secondly - I've done some initial work to bring up bluetooth
coexistence in a slightly more develop-able way on the AR9462/QCA9565
parts. To use it, you need to set the hint 'ath.0.btcoex_profile' to
your NIC - AR9462 is 'wb222', and QCA9565 is 'wb335'. This has to be
done before the driver is loaded and it'll log that it's enabling

It's not enough to do full coexistence, but it implements the hardware
handshake bits that allow us to implement more complete coexistence

Third - I'd like to commit the new ath3kfw tool sometime in the next
couple of days to -HEAD. I'd like some more testing first -

Last - I broke IBSS/Adhoc again. Andriy pointed it out to me. We'll go
figure out what to do there to fix it in the future and try to land
that before the tree freezes.


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