Fellow FreeBSD users and developers,

I just returned to FreeBSD after some light distro-hopping and wanted to
drivers for the Broadcom wireless BCM4322 chip. bwi doesn't work at all, as
it does not recognize this chip (no surprises there), however bwn recognizes
the chip and both siba and bwn get attached. However, the driver throws some
errors and detaches with exit code 6. Regardless, I feel like there is some
in getting this to work!

As I understood from previous discussions, Adrian is working on the bwn
How is it coming along? I know that me and a lot of other FreeBSD users are
running FreeBSD on MacBooks (either natively or via virtualization) and it
be a major breakthrough if we could get the pesky Broadcom NICs to
cooperate :).

I would be more than willing to participate in a "pilot program", should
testing me of importance.

Best regards,
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