Dear Adrian,

I set the mentioned option (BWN_GPL_PHY just below the bwn driver) in the
kernel config file and recompiled the STABLE kernel.
Now the additional message about BWN_GPL_PHY is gone, but there is some 2-3
features listed as unsupported. The driver gets attached to the network
card as siba_bwn0, but no interface is created by ifconfig.

What should be the name of the interface in /etc/rc.conf - siba_bwn0 or

Otherwise, paradox added a link to some Broadcom device datasheets from

I had a quick look and although bcm4321 and bcm4322 are not on the list,
bcm4318, bcm4319 and bcm4325 are. Might be relevant to further testing and
writing drivers in general.

Best regards,
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