Adrian Chadd wrote:
2009/6/7 Bruno Damour <>:
Adrian Chadd wrote:
That seems to be dereferencing a mbuf pointer. I'll look into it.

What are you doing to trigger this condition again?


Well it is consistently reproductible : each time I issue a cvsup command.

Ok, so cvsup'ing a fresh tree from what, a local or remote repository?

The interesting point is that I can _download_ without any problem with ftp
(that is why sysinstall works) but if I start a ftpd on my host I get
(consistently) a similar crash :

What, so fetching data from ftpd running on the xen domU to another
LAN connected host?
From the domU I get access to the real internet and can download a whole dvd from let's say ;-)
I didn't try from a local LAN host, but suspect it would also be OK
so the problem seems to come more from upload traffic than download ?

See, thats the sort of information I need to reproduce the problem. :)

Hope it gives you some clues (I'm totally unable to help on this type of
problems, sorry, but will  gladly  issue any command you want and report

You're helping. :) I have some motivation to make this stuff work
better whilst I have some free time. I'm just trying to get it done
before my free time runs out and I need to get back to paid work
(which this absolutely isn't. :( )

It isn't for me either (pure hobby!!), so i understand perfectly your situation and I'm just glad someone is motivated and competent to try to solve this problem and make things go forward, thanks again.


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