Adrian Chadd wrote:
I can't trigger this here with my Centos 5.3 domU. I have a feeling
this may be related to the hypervisor/dom0 environment.

Not to say it isn't a bug, it is just going to take me more time to
try and figure out.

I'll commit some more Xen tidyups to -current and build a new image
for you. It'll still have the bug but it will at least include the
local source changes I am trying out. That will make testing a bit
easier on me.
Well there are a couple of things to take into consideration.
First, I _did_ get some dom0 crashes so that in deed the opensolaris xvm code could be responsible for this Second, xen version on opensolaris is still 3.1.4, which may also explain the difference and the fact that you can't reproduce the crash on CentOS (must be 3.3 ?) Third, there has been a heavy development in opensolaris on he virtual network interface level (so call crossbow) Four, it might also be related to the actual opensolaris driver (which is 3rd party, myk for my Marvell yukon Gb), I could try to test if it's the same with another one
Four, i386 vs amd64

I think it might be useful to copy this thread to the xen mailing list on opensolaris

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