On 01/24/12 09:49, Adrian Chadd wrote:
> On 17 January 2012 15:34, Colin Percival <cperc...@freebsd.org
> <mailto:cperc...@freebsd.org>> wrote:
>     * ec2.patch is just tweaking some configuration files, so that doesn't 
> need to
>     be merged and isn't really a patch anyway.
>     There's also some new rc.d scripts which get installed and more 
> configuration
>     files; I'm not sure if it makes sense to bring those rc.d scripts into 
> FreeBSD
>     proper since they're only relevant to the EC2 environment.
> .. port?

Yeah, that's probably the best solution.  It means I'll need to figure out how
to build disk images with packages pre-installed, but I'm sure that's possible.

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