On 23 August 2013 16:45, Ederson de Moura <eder...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello guys,
> I installed FreeBSD 9.1 (64 bit) in XenServer (5.6.0)! It's running
> perfectly, following the tutorial below:
> http://www.vanhal-ict.nl/1/post/2012/8/freebsd-9-domu-on-xen-part-i-installing-freebsd.html
> But the moment you recompile the kernel GENERIC, the system hangs on load. 
> Even
> making the changes suggested in the tutorial (Part II: Optimizing FreeBSD) or
> not.
> The system does not load! as follows my print:
> Reloading the old kernel, the system up! Does anyone have any idea what could
> be the problem?

If to wait a bit, do you see such messages?
run_interrupt_driven_hooks: still waiting after 240 seconds for

If so, what if you try to boot a) and keep cd install image inserted
or b) with detached virtual cdrom device.

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