On 23 August 2013 16:45, Ederson de Moura <eder...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello guys,
> I installed FreeBSD 9.1 (64 bit) in XenServer (5.6.0)! It's running
> perfectly, following the tutorial below:
> http://www.vanhal-ict.nl/1/post/2012/8/freebsd-9-domu-on-xen-part-i-installing-freebsd.html
> But the moment you recompile the kernel GENERIC, the system hangs on load. 
> Even
> making the changes suggested in the tutorial (Part II: Optimizing FreeBSD) or
> not.
> The system does not load! as follows my print:
> Reloading the old kernel, the system up! Does anyone have any idea what could
> be the problem?
> Best regards,

Also, I would check if multiuser output is properly routed.  Check your
/etc/ttys. I don't remember well but to get them you probably need to
replace ttyv0 with xc0 which is the default Xen console instead of UART.

That would answer why you see kernel messages and don't see multiuser ones
which usually appear right after "cd0" string or close to.

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