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That's quite weird... Do you see any messages in the Xen console (xl
dmesg)? Can you boot with a hypervisor compiled with debug=y and see if
there are any strange messages on the Xen console?

Ok, no messages logged anywhere when this goes on - I'm running XenServer 6.2 installed from the distribution ISO (w/SP1 applied) - I don't know/think that's compiled with 'debug=y'? dmesg output for XenServer coming up is 'unremarkable' as far as I can see, and nothing is logged with 'xl dmesg'

Also, does replacing the FreeBSD gateway VM with a Linux PV VM solve the
issue? (ie. just to check if Linux also shows this behaviour)

Ok, that I could do - and just did. I used CentOS 6 - which booted in 'Xen' aware mode (with Xen Virtual ethernet driver) - annoyingly that works *fine* (i.e. no issues).


 Windows 7 PV <-> FreeBSD 9.x / 10.x PV = Fail (if on same XenServer host)
 Windows 7 HVM <-> FreeBSD PV = Works
 Windows 7 PV <-> Linux (CentOS 6) PV = Works

So it looks like it might actually be a FreeBSD/Xen issue?

I just tried booting FreeBSD 10 without the Xen options in the kernel, and it won't boot (it panics).

Is there any way of booting 10.x in HVM mode (i.e. with no Xen PV support) - or at least switching 'xn' for 're' as far as nic's go?

Are there any 'offload' type features that can be disabled for 'xn' nics in FreeBSD?


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