sorry for the wait.

I was looking into this this days... I'm considering changing the dom0, 
NetBSD has been stable for be, but I'm interested in having fetures like PCI 
PASSTROUGH work, which they don't at the moment.

But even so I tried the propose r251297 and this one fails, and I believe 
this is the one o re-introduced the problem, I see this:
--> #define     NF_TSO_MAXBURST

NetBSD doesn't support TSO, so it comes back to an would similar issue in 
FreeBSD 9, and I had a similar issue with Windows drivers, trying to use 
TSO... the dev also had to fix it...

I understand those "pathces" are Linux Dom0 related.... I guess something 
dev's forget NETBSD is still there.... :P

Anyway I'm not a dev so I could just be assuming stuff, but all I can tell is 
that with that release I still have the problem.

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