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XenServer logs:

 "Migrating VM 'FreeBSD (SWR)' from 'Xen1' to 'Xen2' Internal error:

As a follow-up to this - the patch definitely breaks migrations. Removing the 'e1000' from the custom field (so you get Realtek NIC's) - the migrate completes fine.

Leave 'e1000' set - you get Intel em devices, but migrates fail - XenCenter spits out the error above.

From /var/log/messages on the destination node - I can also see:

Sep 9 09:18:55 Xen2 xapi: [ info|Xen2|33915 INET :::80|network.attach_for_vm R:xxxxxxx|xapi] PIF yyyyyy-yyyy-yyyy-yyy-yyyyyyyyy is needed by a VM, but not managed by xapi. The bridge must be configured through other means.

So it looks like XenServer at least cannot support this configuration? - So I'm back painted into a corner :( - PV NIC's can't "route" traffic (or do DHCP servers, or OpenVPN etc.) - HVM NIC's can do all of that but cannot be used agile, and may fail eventually anyway with 'watchdog timeout'.


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