> > >Can you try with a HEAD snapshot? netfront has been recently reworked [0], 
> > >so there's a chance it is already fixed there.
> > >
> > >Roger.
> > 
> > Okay, I just grabbed an iso out of: 
> > /pub/FreeBSD/snapshots/ISO-IMAGES/10.3 and did a fresh install on a domu, 
> > but had the same result.  The ISO was time stamped April 30th, did I use 
> > the right one?
> Oh, no, the changes weren't backported to 10. You need to use a 11.0 (HEAD) 
> image, just pick the newer amd64 or i386 one from:
> ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/snapshots/ISO-IMAGES/11.0/
> Roger.

Thank you for that clarification.  OK, I've used 11.0 and did a fresh install, 
but I'm still having the same issue.  I should clarify that the net installs 
the same virtual ethernet interface (maybe not the same netfront?) works great 
for both 10.3 and 11.0 installs.   What is the difference between
the installation kernel and the installed system xn driver?  
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