I did some tests and I see the problem too.

XenServer 6.5 SP1 with almost all patches (3 hosts in pool), FreeBSD 
11.0-RELEASE-p2, xe-guest-utilities-6.2.0_2 installed via pkg.

First migration from host 3 to host 1 is ok.

Some seconds later I start a new migration from host 1 to host 2 and when 
migration finishes (as seen in XenCenter) then the VM switches to the VGABios 
screen ("Plex86/Bochs VGABios (PCI) current-cvs 01 Sep 2016 ... 
cirrus-compatible VGA is detected"). The VM seem to hang and does not respond. 
In XenCenter I see that all the CPU's of the VM go up to 100 percent.

Then after 17 minutes the VGABios screen disappears and I see the console, the 
CPU usage as seen in XenCenter goes down. I logged in as root before I started 
the first migration and root is still logged in. So it was a hang and not a 

20 minutes later I start a new migration from host 2 to host 3 and the problem 
occurs again.

This problem does not exist with 10.3-RELEASE on the same hosts.

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> Rainer wrote...
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> We've also seen this (unexplainable reboots, I think they happen after
> migrations).
> But it never hangs. It seems to actually "reboot", as if somebody had
> pressed CTRL-ALT-DEL or typed "reboot".
> ---------
> I should also point out... on the same pair of hosts, there are a few
> windows server 2012 r2 and windows 7 pro VM's. None of them have problems
> migrating back and forth. It's only the F11 ones that do.
> First migration goes fine, and vm can be logged in to and excercised. But
> then migrate it back... and it goes to the fake bios post screen (I
> forget... cirrus bios or something).. and then just hangs without loading OS
> so there is no message from the OS.
> Strange... I have older versions of freebsd on an older version of
> xenserver... and the above definitely is not a problem there.
> Perhaps it's something amiss with my new setup, but the windows vm's migrate
> fine....
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