--- Comment #16 from Bhavesh Davda <> ---
(In reply to Roger Pau Monné from comment #15)

Yes, your comment #15 convinces me that returning only CSUM_DATA_VALID and
CSUM_PSEUDO_HDR with csum_data set to 0xffff is the "right" way to fix this,
along with a corresponding change to dhclient to skip UDP checksum validation
if it finds the checksum in the UDP header to be 0xffff.

I'm attaching the associated patch required to dhclient. Please review.

Unfortunately I'm not a FreeBSD expert to know if there is a quick and easy way
to rebuild just the netfront driver in my FreeBSD 11.0 VM with your proposed
patch, but hopefully you are, and can test your patch along with my new
dhclient patch, at a minimum to verify this doesn't regress anything.


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