On 05/30/2012 08:48, Radek Krejča wrote:
> I have problem with missing window decoration. I have updated xfce to 4.10 
> and I lost 3 times windows decoration this week. After start xfce and login 
> is decoration missing.

Do they not ever appear? Or do they appear for a while, and then go
away? I had this happen on one of my xubuntu systems. If you're not
seeing the decorations, do this:

ps ax | grep xfwm4

If you don't see anything, that's the problem. In a terminal window you
should be able to type 'xfwm4 &' and they will come back. If that works,
go to the "Session and Startup" wizard and save your session (make sure
that there isn't anything running there that you don't want of course).

I have no idea why it got lost after the upgrade, but ever since I did
the above the problem has gone away.




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