--- Comment #16 from John <> ---
I have not completed the intended testing as there are new multiple bugs
showing up and variations on the tests for this bug I have been doing for two
days now.  It is the new and variations of this bug that are evolving into
longer and more complex test results and combinations. 

This bug and the many other new bugs and variations since doing the "pkg
upgrade" 12 October 2019 14:58+000 UTC are occurring that never occurred before
with XFCE prior to the 'pkg upgrade' 12 October 2019 14:58+000 UTC since
installing FreeBSD mid July 2019.  I believe this bug needs a different ports
audience for what I suspect this, and other instances of similar bugs of lessor
scope of impact, needs a discussion.  I have some thoughts as to possible
causes, but I like to suggest some approaches that may help in being able to
duplicate the bugs which would enable finding root causes and solutions.

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