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(In reply to John from comment #7)

While I can agree with much of what you wrote, all this lecturing is not going
to help fix the bug or gather more information.

I have already accepted that the ps command would have not helped, and stated I
can make mistakes.

I have no specific knowledge about libXScrnSaver, and can't help much with
that, except suggesting you to revert to a previous version.

With present information I have no idea how to help with the problem you

If the issue is happening only on one single machine it could well be a problem
with that single machine (with many possible factors, misalignment of
libraries, misconfiguration, etc.).

If you have more than one machine showing the issue that could be a stronger
indication an actual software bug.

In this respect the suggestion to try reinstalling libraries is a request for a
test which would clear out some of these problems that can show up on a single
installation and make such unreproducible bugs show up.

If you are unwilling to perform this test (I don't care who is right and wrong)
I have no further ideas and can't add much to this conversation.

I can only suggest you furtheer investigate the issue whatever way you see fit
and try to gather more information so that someone (me included, since I will
look at new information and act  on it if I can) can understand the problem and
help you.

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