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Traderoutes can be drawn on the map, if the user wants.

- 3 new color definitions added for traderoute number display
  (i.e. red, yellow, green).
- drawing of traderoutes can be toggled in the view menu (shortcut
  ctrl-t; 't' shortcut for workers still works as expected).
- if traderoute drawing is enabled and two cities have a traderoute
  between them, a dotted green line is drawn from one city center to
  the other in LAYER_GRID1.
- if traderoute drawing is enabled a number is shown in the simple
  city description (beside the turns-to-grow) of how many traderoutes
  that city has (e.g. [1/4]). If zero, this text is colored red, if
  all, then green, else yellow.

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