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I have to come back to this problem. This is the autput in the chat window when loading the game (It's in Dutch, sorry for that, but "speler" is "player", "bestuurt" is "controls" and "KI" is "AI")

/take: Administrator bestuurt Theodore Kolokotronis al
Alle spelers zijn klaar;het spel wordt gestart.
Speler 'Theodore Kolokotronis' heeft nu KI-vaardigheidsniveau 'novice'.
Speler 'Leopold I' heeft nu KI-vaardigheidsniveau 'novice'.
Speler 'Shehu Shagari' heeft nu KI-vaardigheidsniveau 'novice'.
Speler 'Helen Leonard' heeft nu KI-vaardigheidsniveau 'novice'.
Speler 'Gro Harlem Brundtland' heeft nu KI-vaardigheidsniveau 'novice'.
Speler 'Alaric' heeft nu KI-vaardigheidsniveau 'novice'.
Speler 'Genseric' heeft nu KI-vaardigheidsniveau 'novice'.

So the first line states that when loading the game it was automatically attempted to take a player, but it failed since the player was already taken. Two lines after that you can see that that player is in the AI mode. When looking at Reports|players I see that the AI checkbox for all players is checked. In addition this occurs at random and if I attempt to take the player once more with </take 'Theodore Kolokotronis'> I get the same message: "/take: Administrator bestuurt Theodore Kolokotronis al".

A workaround that does work is to first take a random other player and then use a second player to take the desired player.


Randy Kramer wrote:
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On Monday 16 October 2006 03:26 am, Egor Vyscrebentsov wrote:
<URL: http://bugs.freeciv.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=22082 >

On Thu, 12 Oct 2006 Joel Karel wrote:
The AI has taken over my savegame in freeciv 2.1.0-beta2 (GTK+ client);
dutch version. I was playing the Chineese, and somehow this nation is
now on the AI mode as is the case with all nations. Saveame has been

to All: those reports became quite often. Do we need to place a message
like "Savegame is loaded. Now use 'take' command ..."?

I guess I currently have an older version where this is not necessary, but I 
would say yes, such a message is necessary.  (Maybe with the ability to 
disable the message when the player has seen it often enough to remember. ;-)

Randy Kramer

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