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There has been a SVG tileset in the works for Freeciv for quite some
time now, starting with Arturo Espinosa-Aldama's "Worms" tileset back
in '03, which was subsequently put on hold and the picked up by
Frederic Rodrigo who has been working on it for the last two years or
so as "R-Hires!".


Rodrigo recently let me know that work on R-Hires! has been put on
indefinite hold now, due to technical problems (his rendering scripts
don't work with recent versions of Inkscape) and a general lack of

He donated the latest version - as seen on his website - to the
Freeciv project. I got rid of some questionable content from the
tarball (e.g. Bursig's old "Deluxe" SDL theme) and put it here:


This is an ambitious project indeed -- Rodrigo attempted to recreate
all artwork in Freeciv as vector graphics! There is a notable lack of
graphics for units and city improvements, and the wonder set is
incomplete. Otherwise, it's pretty much complete. If someone could
figure out how to get rendering working again, I'd like to generate
three sizes (e.g. Isotrident, Amplio and Freeland) and then use
existing unitsets as fallbacks. It's a very cool tileset!


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