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Daniel Markstedt wrote:

> This is an ambitious project indeed -- Rodrigo attempted to recreate
> all artwork in Freeciv as vector graphics! There is a notable lack of
> graphics for units and city improvements, and the wonder set is
> incomplete. Otherwise, it's pretty much complete. If someone could
> figure out how to get rendering working again, I'd like to generate
> three sizes (e.g. Isotrident, Amplio and Freeland) and then use
> existing unitsets as fallbacks. It's a very cool tileset!

Using SVG for graphics has some significant advantages as well as
disadvantages.  Obviously SVG graphics can be scaled better, and it's
potentially easier to do incremental editing or fiddle with colors to
improve the graphics and make them consistent and matching.  However
most SVG graphics, being rendered from 2d vectors, have a cartoony look
- the main reason why the main tileset only uses them for icons.

Someone creating an SVG tileset needs to keep this in mind.  Trying to
make graphics too realistic is probably not a good idea.  Rather, you
should take advantage of the cartoony nature (not sure if that's really
the right thing to call it) of the images.  Focus on getting colors to
match and making cities and units easily recognizable and differentiable.

That's just my advice.


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