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Many players are still struggling to get the upper hand over even the
easiest AI, as evident in for example a very active forum thread
called: "Novice" AI can still kick my ass. To make a long story short,
players are getting slaughtered by novice AIs because it still has a
very effective playing style and most importantly, because it is
exceedingly aggressive.

I suggest we cripple "novice" further so that it becomes what players
expect it to be: something that even a novice can stand a chance
against. It should build sparser empires, expand less overseas and be
less militarily aggressive.

This is IMHO a serious problem for single player Freeciv, since
players are exceedingly frustrated because of its steep learning
curve. With online Freeciv on the decline (not least due to the
extended downtime of Pubserver) it is of outmost importance that
single player gaming is promoted.


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