On Tue, 16 Jan 2007, Daniel Markstedt wrote:
I am working on a conversion of Harlan Thompson's classic "The
Mongols" Civ2 scenario. The project is coming along well, but there
are a few features that are potentially missing:

~Nation-specific techs. For example; "Chinese Wisdom" is a tech that
cannot be researched, but that the Chinese side knows from the outset,
enabling unique units and other techs. I tried to use the requirement
"Never" but that simply disabled the tech altogether, making the
server fail loading the ruleset since other techs depended on it.

Use the root_req tech field to implement this.

~Event upon the death of a unique unit.
~Event upon the conquest of a specific city.

Should be possible with scripts.

~Event that obsoletes. The death of the Genghis Khan unit obsoletes
certain wonders and so does the conquest of Rome for example.

Not currently possible. Think it will be hard to do with the current code, but you can make a workaround - the death of a unique unit can give you a tech (eg "Genghis Khan's Death") that has that effect.

  - Per

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