On 1/27/07, Per I. Mathisen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Tue, 16 Jan 2007, Daniel Markstedt wrote:
> I am working on a conversion of Harlan Thompson's classic "The
> Mongols" Civ2 scenario. The project is coming along well, but there
> are a few features that are potentially missing:
> ~Nation-specific techs. For example; "Chinese Wisdom" is a tech that
> cannot be researched, but that the Chinese side knows from the outset,
> enabling unique units and other techs. I tried to use the requirement
> "Never" but that simply disabled the tech altogether, making the
> server fail loading the ruleset since other techs depended on it.

Use the root_req tech field to implement this.

Managed to figure that out the other day.

> ~Event upon the death of a unique unit.
> ~Event upon the conquest of a specific city.

Should be possible with scripts.

What's the name of those events? Couldn't find anything in the

> ~Event that obsoletes. The death of the Genghis Khan unit obsoletes
> certain wonders and so does the conquest of Rome for example.

Not currently possible. Think it will be hard to do with the current code,
but you can make a workaround - the death of a unique unit can give you a
tech (eg "Genghis Khan's Death") that has that effect.

  - Per

That's exactly the workaround Civ2 scenario makers are using. ;)

I've created a thread over at Apolyton.net to host the conversion
project: http://apolyton.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=161712

Can't have it on freeciv.org at this stage, since it most certainly
contains Microprose graphics.


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