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 In improvement_effect_value() effects EFT_MAKE_HAPPY and
EFT_MAKE_CONTENT first give effect an value based on the total
unhappiness city has. Then they add to that value, if part of the
unhappiness is caused by empire size.
 I don't think unhappiness from empire size is any worse than any
other kind of unhappiness when looked from perspective of single city.
Temple is not better for fighting empire size unhappiness than it's
for fighting city size unhappiness.

 This is probably the reason tiny happy cities with temples and
cathedrals still want to build colosseums too, leading to economic
disaster because of maintenance costs.

 Those extra factors for empire size unhappiness have to go.

 There also seems to be a problem that if effect range is bigger than
city, but that particular city has EFT_NO_UNHAPPY, effect gets no

 - ML

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