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> > Well, you could sort of build a tree or network with the different
> > ruler names and conditions when a different ruler name would be
> > appropriate( for example dictator might require republic to be
> > researched) but that would be overkill, wouldnt it? And if you went
> > further, you would even have different titles for different nations.
> > Prince is awkward because it comes later than dictator, while one
> > would expect something else, maybe despot, if republic and monarchy
> > hasnt been researched, and Prince if monarchy has been researched.
> I think Chieftain is good leader title for pre-monarchy period.
> Thanks, Daniil.

Agreed; that's clearly a title for a 'crude' form of government. Or
simply 'Chief' might be even better as a general 'cross cultural'

It's true that meeting up with "Chief George Washington" or "Chief
Vladimir Lenin" in the early game is somewhat silly. But then again,
so is having covered wagons and little men with bowlers and briefcases
in the BCs. ;-)


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