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 > You mean your gross income-per-turn was 9 gold and expenses were 0?


 > Why was this a bug?

My real gross income-per-turn was not 9 gold and expenses weren't 0.

 > What should it have been?

Something else (depending on the tax rates). Anyways, shouldn't it 
change (even
slightly) when I shift taxes from 0 to 100? The previous turn my income was
close to 600 and expenses were close to 300 then when the turn changed after
I built the wonder they were fixed to 9 and 0 regardless of tax rates...

 > Next time it happens can you give the client a SEGV and get a backtrace?

For some reason, the client hasn't crashed on me anymore. I have no idea 
why the
crashing has stopped. Maybe the crashing was not related to Freeciv at all?

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