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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Wed Mar 28 19:43:50 2007]:
> Hi!
> During the last game session with the 2.0.9 standard version two bugs 
> were discovered:
> A) At some point my income was fixed to nine and payment to zero. Changing
> the tax rates had no effect on this. This occurred immediately after 
> developing
> Adam Smith's ... wonder. When I restarted the client the bug disappeared.

I don't understand.  You mean your gross income-per-turn was 9 gold and
expenses were 0?  Why was this a bug?  What should it have been?

> B) Many players (3) complained that even after disabling AI mode with
> AITOGGLE their tax rates and sometimes even production lines could
> be altered by the AI. Toggling the mode back and on didn't seem to help.
> Maybe the AI got stuck on for some reason? We can't understand why
> it should remain on after a player has joined anyway... (In our game it
> stays on until the AITOGGLE command is issued, even if a player joins)

This is a weird and oft-repeated type of bug.  It seems people keep
getting aitoggled and we have no idea why.  It does not ever happen to me.

Note there is an /away feature that lets the AI take *some* control of
your civilization.  This is different from AI control though.

> Also sometimes the client crashes when I'm in the City Dialog. This occurs
> maybe once in 50-100 turns. I haven't found out what exatcly happens. The
> screen just stops refreshing itself and if I move the City Dialog the 
> background
> will be white. Restarting the client allows me to resume the game 
> normally. I'm
> using Ubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS if that's any help.

Next time it happens can you give the client a SEGV and get a backtrace?

"killall -SEGV civclient"
"gdb civclient core"
"gdb> bt full"


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