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> <URL: http://bugs.freeciv.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=39334 >
> civclient: packhand.c:2051: handle_tile_info: Assertion
> `unit_list_size(ptile->units) == 0' failed.
> The client log reports the following culprit:
> 1: 0x24c6a30 729 Archers at (101,129) Vitaut
> Unfortunately, I don't have a stack trace, since I wasn't running the
> client in a debugger. Will do so from now on.
> Also, I was unable to reproduce the problem from the saved game.
> It happened around the time Gunpowder was researched (i.e., when
> Barracks I are obsoleted), which is suspicious, because that is when
> the 2.0.9 client usually crashes on me as well.
> Sorry if this is a duplicate report. My searches of the bug reports
> didn't turn up anything recent like it.

This indicates the  presence of a "ghost unit": the client believes a
unit is present incorrectly, and is never told of its removal which
triggers an assertion when the tile is fogged.

Such bugs crop up periodically in the development code (this assertion
is disabled for the 2.0 branch and should not be a problem there; it
will be disabled for 2.1 before release).  To track it down however
generally requires you to be able to reproduce it from a savegame.
Most such bugs happen because of unit/city exchange or through shared
vision or alliance changes.


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