On 7/6/07, Francois Marlier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> After playing for a while with the SDL client, I went back to the GTK/
> X11 client (not that I like X11) where things are easier to set (each
> city worklist), and clearier (reports ARE readable AND noticable). So
> I was wondering if some people were working on the SDL GUI as it
> seems it's not complete as yet? What is planned? May I help?

Well, in principle I'm working on it, but at the moment development
has somewhat stalled as I'm too busy with my studies right now :-(

My initial plan was to make the SDL client playable on the Pocket PC
platform (320x240 resolution, touchscreen input, low resources), while
also keeping it working on desktop systems that aren't able to run the
GTK+ client well. I did not plan to implement all the advanced
features that the GTK+ client has, as this would be just too much work
considering the fact that the SDL client doesn't have an advanced
widget set available, but of course it should provide all basic
functionality like loading and saving games or setting server and
client options in a dialog.

Your help would be very much appreciated. You could, for example, try
to fix some of the  bugs in the SDL client that have been reported to
the bug tracker
or implement missing dialogs (like the one for loading games) or
improve some of the existing dialogs (while ideally making/keeping
them displayable at 320x240) or, if you are not familiar with C or
coding at all, write some user documentation in the wiki ("How to play
with the SDL client" or some such) or just make some mockups showing
how missing dialogs could look like or existing dialogs could look
better (again, ideally also fitting into a 320x240 screen). Or, last
but not least, just test the client and report any bugs you can find.

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