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I have worked through the patches one more time. I realized we have
the special case for nations, were we must provide plural name
translations as well. So for this class, we have three types:

nation_rule_name(const struct nation_type *pnation);
nation_name_translation(struct nation_type *pnation);
nation_plural_translation(struct nation_type *pnation);

According to what we have discussed we now have


and the logic would lead us to

:plural_name()  -- it is always translated.

But we could go for consistency the other way around and change our
mind and use:


to follow the C function names

Another inconsistency in our code I noticed though is that some types
(like tech/advance) use the index of the type, but others use the
whole struct (for example unit_type). Nothing script authors will need
to worry about of course.

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