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Ulrik Sverdrup wrote:
> But we could go for consistency the other way around and change our
> mind and use:
> :rule_name()
> :name_translation()
> :plural_translation()
> to follow the C function names
yes.  follow the C function names.  I choose those names to indicate the
translation, no misunderstandings.

> Another inconsistency in our code I noticed though is that some types
> (like tech/advance) use the index of the type, but others use the
> whole struct (for example unit_type). Nothing script authors will need
> to worry about of course.
yes.  long noted in the HACKING file.

I was thinking about finishing the conversion that somebody started
(from index to pointer), but unlike the bug fixes in my previous patches,
I'm not aware of existing bugs that are caused by the inconsistency, so
I've left it alone for now.  Maybe next week....

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