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On 09/08/07, William Allen Simpson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> As was mentioned in PR#39416, Per and I thought that it would be better
> to externalize lua entirely.  You've chosen a different path.

 One thing at a time. It is not a trivial task to externalize it with
proper configure checks and such. And we cannot externalize it
*before* we take toluaxx in to use, since tolua does not work with
lua-5.1 (which would be that external lua in most cases)
 In fact, I'm not sure if we can externalize it even (soon) after we
have taken toluaxx in to use. Toluaxx might be too tightly tied to
certain lua versions. So we have to provide that version instead of
using what ever version is present in system.

 - ML

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