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 I have now managed to start and test some of the scenario using
lua-5.1 + toluaxx.
 Toluaxx is buggy. I had to make several changes to api.pkg to work
around toluaxx problems that caused it to produce non-compilable
api_gen.c. Now it compiles without errors, but with lots of warnings.
Of course, fact that it compiles does not prove that it's correct.
 Same problems were present both in toluaxx in svn and latest one from
toluaxx version control.

 I also tried to modify our version of tolua to work with lua-5.1.
This tolua still fails to produce complete api_gen.c.

 There is new, lua 5.1 compatible, (beta?) version of tolua available.
I'm currently trying to get this to work. At the moment, it also seems
to produce incorrect api_gen.c.

On 10/08/07, Per I. Mathisen  wrote:
> If I had the time and desire to hack on this part of the code again, I
> would look into using lua directly instead of going through tolua. Vasco
> said it saves a lot of work, but considering the mess it makes, both in
> the source and to our build process, I think it should at least be
> considered seriously.

 If we had used all that time that has gone to these failed attempts
with tolua/tolua++/toluaxx, to manually write equivalent of api_gen.c

 - ML

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