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> I propose that Diplomat/Spy abilities be split up into more flags,
> each one handling some special ability - Seeing inside a city, bribing
> a unit, poisoning a city, bribing a city, establishing an embassy,
> stealing a tech, sabotaging an improvement etc.

 First step would be making at least current Diplomat & Spy flags
independent. Currently you cannot have Spy abilities without Diplomat
abilities (and it's even considered *ruleset* error if Spy has no
Diplomat flag)

> To keep config files manageable and backwards compatible, the
> traditional Diplomat & Spy flags can become macros that expand out
> to the new subset of Flags, or however the config parser would best
> handle this.

 Ruleset format changes a lot anyway. There's no need to keep it
backward compatible in some minor detail. Of course such changes have
to be weel documented, so modpack authors know to add additional flags
in order for their diplomats to keep all the old capabilities. See
http://freeciv.wikia.com/wiki/Units.ruleset (this wiki page will
probably move in near future)
 But you are correct about managability issue. It's not good if in
order to get "standard" diplomat abilities you have to write ten
different flags to ruleset.

 - ML

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