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On Wed, 15 Aug 2007, William Allen Simpson wrote:
> Daniel Markstedt wrote:
>> It is a known problem that AI often become very hostile without apparent
>> reason and will never ever 'forgive' you during the game. The reason for
>> this behavior, is that all AI players play the game to win (i.e.
>> exterminate everyone else) so if they see you taking the lead (top
>> score) or a member of a powerful alliance, they will become perpetually
>> hostile towards you.
> This is how the original games worked.  The later games try to improve
> the situation, but freeciv doesn't (yet) emulate that behaviour.

I rewrote the first iteration of the AI diplomacy to be more "emotional" 
rather than simply coldly calculating (called the lobster approach), but I 
do not remember anymore when I did this and which releases had which AI. 
If you are nice to an AI, it should remain your friend throughout the 
game. However, there are some actions (not well explained through game 
mechanics, unfortunately) that make AIs hostile, such as exploding nukes.

>> I wish that AI attitudes were decided through 1) your own action - i.e.
>> attacks on their forces, or 2) strategical rivalry - i.e. control of
>> fertile land or a body of water etc. Also that attitudes could improve
>> through lack of armed conflict for a long period of time, bribes, or
>> general changes in the political geography...
> Sounds good to me....

That was the idea. You can already influence the AI with bribes and gifts, 
and through "bad" actions such as back-stabing declaration of wars on 
other players, nukes and so on.

   - Per

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