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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Tue Sep 04 13:09:46 2007]:
> SDL interface has some very annoying usability issues to address.
> (...)
> Auto-scrolling is annoying. It is especially annoying when playing in
> windowed mode when you are often moving the mouse cursor in and out of
> the game window. It would be better to scroll when pressing the
> right-mouse-button since the RMB is already used for manual movement.

Could an option be made to turn this off in the Game Options dialog?

> I could see no obvious way to end the turn with the mouse - annoying
> for a mouse-driven game. After being told there is, I looked a bit
> harder. It's an icon on the minimap panel, alongside various
> information icons. Hardly obvious - in a heavily iconified UI like
> Freeciv SDL is aspiring to be, placing is important. They need to
> think a bit harder about this one. I would have placed it somewhere at
> the top near where the year is displayed since the turn and the game
> year are strongly associated and importantly you won't be clicking on
> it by accident if it is up there (something easy to do currently as a
> small icon placed amongst a bunch of other small icons).
> Source:
> http://freegamer.blogspot.com/2007/08/freeciv-21beta6-grips.html

Maybe the larger part of the right sidebar (where the text 'End of Turn'
appear at the end of a turn) could be turned into one large end turn
button when all units have finished moving?

The place currently held by the end turn button (the little cogwheel)
could for example be given to a (yet-to-be implemented) civilopedia button.

Anyways, the two patches so far are huge improvements. Keep up the good
work. =)


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