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On 10/18/07, Christian Prochaska <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> > [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Di 04. Sep 2007, 13:09:46]:
> >
> > There is no UI to save/load games in the SDL client. A work around is
> > to open a chat dialog and use the /save and /load commands.
> >
> The attached patch implements a simple "Load Game" dialog.

This is good news!

Found some issues testing it:

-The client crashes when there are no savegames in any datapath.
-I doesn't seem to be able to load saves from .freeciv/saves/ (which
is the standard save dir on this system) - they show up in the dialog
fine, but you try to load them the server says that it cannot find the
file. If I move the file to my home dir, it works fine.


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