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Marko Lindqvist wrote:

>  Ok, it *is* possible to add focus units when goto is active. Replaced
> assert() with hover cancel. This is all that S2_1 needs. For trunk we
> may consider adding new goto_map for additional units in focus (if
> they are allowed to ignore already set waypoints, this should not be
> hard)
This is the wrong solution.

What is needed instead is a queue of future focus units, and the server
wakeup merely adds to the head of the queue.  (I think there's something
like that already.)  If the client user is already doing something, the
server shouldn't interrupt the UI.

Besides, the current design wouldn't work when there were lots of players.
Sentries will wake up all over the map, and the focus constantly bounce.

If six units wake, they should just add to the queue....

(And the answer to the earlier question is, I've never played with more
than 2 humans.  I value your testing with many players!)

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