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On 9/27/07, Uğur Çetin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> 27-09-2007 06:24 Daniel Markstedt:
> > As Daniil is saying, this is to avoid the scenario of having both the
> > Turks and the Ottomans from the beginning of a game. If you want them
> > to civil war to each other, that's ok.
> I now agree that it should stand as it was before. Two nations are for
> different eras.
> > Good. Only problem here is that "Osman Bey" in a despotist gov will
> > appear as "Bey Osman Bey". Does this look ok in Turkish?
> No, It doesn't look okay. Actually "Bey" should be appended to ruler's name,
> not prepended.
> So, if it can be configured to append, we should remove "Bey" from "Osman
> Bey". If not, "Bey" shouldn't be a title. (btw. "Bey" means "mister" in
> Turkish with one little difference that it sholud be appended to a name)

And what about leaving it as it was: "Osman Gazi" and keeping "Bey " as title.


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