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> [wsimpson - Dim. Oct. 07 14:57:44 2007]:
> Pepeto _ wrote:
> > Why 2.0.10 should be different?
> > 
> Because 2.0.10 does not yet exist.

So, you mean that you don't want fix or, at least, open a bug report
because the version is not released? So you prefer wait that 2.0.10 will
be release before notice that it's not compatible? 2.0.10 is going to be
less stable version of Freeciv 2.0.*. Funny for a supposed "final" release.

> The idea of compatibility (and the concept of capabilities in the
> professional programming world and computer science) is that
> versions interoperate *only* on those features that have the same
> capabilities.  In this case, those without ReportFreezeFix don't work
> properly.  They may do many things, but they don't have the "fix".

I'm talking about a feature which worked in older versions. If it
doesn't work anymore, this is a back advance for the project. The "fix"
is about other thing: replacing a bug by an other is a stupid idea.

The concept of non-mandatory capabilities in Freeciv is that, new client
or server work better. It's a "fix" more, but old feature are supposed
to be still working.

Well, now if nobody else agree with me, I guess I didn't understand
anything in this project. Then, I quit definitively this project. You
will be happy that I won't spam anymore you bug report system.

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