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On 07/10/2007, Pepeto _  wrote:
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> >  What is the actual cause of this bug?
> The cause is that the science report is not updated when the bulbs stock
>  changes.

 When is it updated? Only when thaw packet arrives?

> I don't see the difference between the old packet and the new. I am
> certainly wrong. I agree it's not a good solution.

 Old packet has two conflicting uses. Freeze stops all network traffic
(collects it to buffer) until thaw. Freeze packet itself is affected
by this!
 This was extremely bad for games with alternating movement. Of
course, there is alternating movement option in S2_0.

> >  Also note that there is no revisions without "ReportFreezeFix"
> > capability compatible with current revision anyway (there is mandatory
> > cap)
> What about revisions 13257-13344?

 Sorry, didn't remember ReportFreezeFix affected S2_0 also. Could you
mention branch you are referring to in future reports.
 So, if we ever fix the main compatibility issue between 2.0.9 and
current S2_0, this problem will actually affect 2.0.10 compatibility
with all earlier 2.0.x versions.

 - ML

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